G-shock hall hammer process new work

Hammer the process is a kind of by hand Japanese ancient cultural heritage, early is mainly used in the production of thin and firm exquisite bronzes, each hammer,
every moment is a handicraft between people and bronze a dialogue about art, and
each piece of equipment is the existence of the unique in the world. Casio G –
SHOCK Replica with an eye to the handed down from generation to generation of traditional craftsmanship and the combination of science and technology now, and offers an
innovative will hammer technology into the design of wrist watch, created a beer in
wrist watch “hammer” series. On January 1, 2017, the second generation of “hammer
start” mrg-g1000hg will be sold in limited quantities.

G -  SHOCK Replica

Hammer is unique, because crafts people honed by years of manufacture technique,
fine knock creates a unique bronze surface decorative pattern, the perfect
combination of strength and beauty, always very much. The g-shock “hammer” series
is also true, and every line on the wristwatch is a continuation of the art, which
makes the g-shock high-end wristwatch a kind of luxuriant connotation.
The “hammer” series is handmade by Mr. Shino mifang, and the birth of heart and
sweat is born. Mr Asano, beauty fang is Japan’s third generation of hammer on
technology, master the Kyoto hotel suspension type joss stick in the tower and the
city of Osaka central GongHuiTang roof metal statue of deities, is Mr Asano, known
as representative works, himself a “Japanese” national craftsman “reputation.
By Mr Asano hammered MRG – G1000HG appearance are endowed with artistic charm of
rich historical sense, its are immanent the inherited the G SHOCK watch of wrist of
modern technology and full of sense of science and technology strong SHOCK
structure, able to cope with a variety of harsh environment, satisfy the wearer to
watch a series of daily use requirements. The mrg-g1000hg is equipped with GPS+6
radio dual school system, and solar power system provides strong power support for
multi-function applications. Precise timing, quick convenience, let the business
elite all over the world, quickly grasp the precise time. Mirror mirror USES double
side no reflection artificial sapphire glass, not easy to scratch, read clear. A
unique structure, function, material all the details and with yamagata casio Japan
factory advanced tabulation technology, fusion of traditional artisan
craftsmanship, MR – G series by Japanese manufacturing quality, create advanced
wrist watch.

The second generation of “hammer start” mrg-g1000hg will be available for a limited
sale of 10 pieces in mainland China on jan 1, 2017. Among them, the g-shock STORE
Shanghai 8, casio chengdu taiguri PREMIER STORE 1 block, casio lanzhou wei ya
PREMIER STORE 1. The number of rare things is rare. For collectors of high-end
watches, it’s a must-see.

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G Shock Replica Watch New record, Sales Reach 100 million pcs

The global cumulative shipment of the tough new range g shock replica is 100
As of September 1, 2017, g-shock has shipped 100 million products! This number is not just a privilege for the tough road, but a new milestone for g-shock, which is about to enter its 35th year. Looking back over the 35 years, each watch has created an unrepeatable fashion classic for every era.

g shock replica

Subvert tradition, tough out
In the 35 years since the first g-shock came out, it has created a culture of its own. And the beginning of everything comes from a simple belief – a watch that will never be broken.
In 1981, CASIO, 28, a staff member of the development department of CASIO, broke his father’s watch while he was taking the gaokao, and was determined to develop the anti-shock function of the watch. With a strong belief in subversive tradition, his test site was the third floor of casio’s then office building, at a height of 10 meters. Finally, in 1983, after more than 200 trials, the g-shockdw-5000c was born!

The father of g-shock
The beginning of the light, drive the tide
In 1984, a TV commercial made g-shock’s strong anti-shock performance in the United States. In the film, ice hockey players hit g-shock dw-5200 like a hockey puck, and the wrist watch still works accurately. For a while, g-shock became a new favorite among outdoor athletes, firefighters and police officers in the United States.
In the 1990s, it came as American street fashion was hot in Japan, which made g-shock, the same street spirit, a popular accessory for Japanese musicians and action stars. The sales of g-shock rose from 10,000 in 1990 to 700,000 in just five years, becoming the first digital digital watch for young people at the time.
Product expansion, multi – cross boundary
After the expansion of the g-shock product line, the first MR -g was launched in 1996, bringing unprecedented impact to the more mature and evolving evolution. The function of g-shock has been continuously strengthened. In 2002, the first time it was equipped with radio and solar energy, gw-300 came out. In 2008, GW-9200 brought precise school radio waves; In 2012, GW-4000 added 3G protection to its wristwatch.
In addition to street fashion, g-shock has also started to interact with music, art, sports, and environmental groups, triggering unprecedented conversations. In 1997, g-shock sold 6 million watches worldwide and became a sponsor of many sports events around the world.

The most hard landmark, the collection of new
Unlike other brands owned by casio, g-shock has its own stores, bringing together the world’s most recent trend, a platform for g-shock fans and fashionistas. Since 2003, the first G – SHOCK STORE odaiba was unveiled in Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, fukuoka, Taiwan, China, and Shanghai and Beijing shops opened one after another, not on cross-border activities regularly, and released the latest list of firsthand information.
The constant pursuit of tenacity, rising altitude and endless challenges have promoted the evolution of g-shock. To date, more than 1000 casio store sales G – SHOCK products, 73 cities held SHOCK THE WORLD, more and more young people because of THE “ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS TOUGHNESS than” spirit and encouraged, become THE most loyal fans.

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G shock Replica x SANKUANZ is a strong team

From Iceland, to the top team to the United States, to the Paris fashion week of Paris, a concerted effort by G shock Replica X SANKUANZ has inspired countless exclamation marks. Which is not the whole cross-border value, compared with before the promotional video of feeling, the Paris conference exclusive trivia behind the scenes, reveal the trend of “bumped” unprecedented.

The chemical reaction of the idea
The Seine river, the street hipster, just a few shots, discovered the trend and the art has already penetrated every inch of Paris. The G shock Replica X SANKUANZ is creating a new chemistry in the backstage of fashion week in the same space and time.

“G shock Replica represents the spirit of the spirit, while SANKUANZ is the most creative. Therefore, the theme of the transboundary is the concept of “the”. In the same way as g-shcok, he refused to be a banal costume designer, and he thought that the spiritual perfection of the match made this cooperation a perfect match from the beginning, sparking new inspirations from the beginning.
TUNDRA’s name, from TUNDRA camouflage
The industry has used the “high sense of departure” to evaluate his work. Ability to control personality and taste, material selection is the key to the competition. Referring to the design of the new co-operating model TUNDRA, zhe is confident that “camouflage is actually from the TUNDRA landscape, and that is the landscape itself.”

And Iceland’s snowy mountains and tundra, that’s what he’s talking about. It’s a cool idea to put the real landscape of this very cold environment on the wrist, and it’s just the same kind of tough nature that G shock Replica has created for outdoor sports.
The real creation is the coexistence of reality
In a background interview, zhe noted that the most important word about creation was real. “I want to create something that is not virtual, it should be very real, and it will put together a lot of real things that are not co-existing at the same time,” he said.

Therefore, in order to truly present the creative theme and complete the design background and shoot the theme of each part, G shock Replica and SANKUANZ went to Iceland to do the actual filming. Not only that, the team from Amsterdam Random Studio in show limited space, built a full image device, provide visitors with place oneself among them in the form of dynamic “snow mountain” experience, a more intuitive way the design philosophy behind the cooperation.

“Design products are also important, but for us it’s the story behind the product,” says zhe’s attitude to fashion. Therefore, this G shock Replica X SANKUANZ is not only simply to launch a cooperative watch, but also the two forces of the idea, the tidal power and cultural value brought by the collision.

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SWATCH PAY! Very cool! Very PAY for landing in China

Swatch, the pioneering Swiss watchmaker, is launching Swatch PAY to the media from both domestic and global media at the Swatch peace hotel art center on the bund which same as replica g shock. The second generation of contactless payment systems. This time, SWATCH will again join hands with China unionpay to deepen the partnership and jointly announce the launch of SWATCH PAY in the Chinese market. , and has reached cooperation support with 11 major Chinese Banks. Mr. Nick Hayek, chief executive of SWATCH group, Mr. Chen zhi, vice chairman of China unionpay, and related leaders from various supporting Banks, have jointly demonstrated the SWATCH PAY for the media and guests present. “Very cool” innovation to pay for fun.

New upgraded SWATCH PAY! Not only fully embodies the fun, color and functionality of swatch’s design, but the four types of wristwatches also combine innovation with fashion. The second generation of payment wristwatches adopt a new technology, with China unionpay cloud flash payment solution, which can support unionpay debit CARDS and credit CARDS. Consumers are buying SWATCH PAY! After, need to scan qr code inside the store and download the relevant application, can instantly activate the payment function of wrist watch, the tag (tokenization) process only a few short minutes, wield the wrist can be realized.

Mr Swatch group chief executive Nick Hayek said: “as early as 1993 issued Swatch since Access, the Swatch already are pioneers in the field of touch technology, now PAY into the bank card innovation field is taken for granted. To this end, we are very pleased to be able to launch the Swatch PAY!” since July 27, 2017, the Swatch PAY! It will be available at swatch in 28 Chinese cities. When consumers pay at shopping, they can easily and safely wave their wrist payments as long as they close the payment wristwatch to a POS terminal with the Chinese unionpay “QuickPass” logo. At the same time, to celebrate the upcoming launch, users can enjoy a series of exciting new family courtesy.

Through the in-depth cooperation with China unionpay, SWATCH has pushed the wristband payment system to a new level and has announced support for SWATCH PAY. Bank of China include industrial and commercial bank of China, bank of China, the postal savings bank of China, China citic bank, huaxia bank, minsheng bank, China merchants bank, industrial bank, Shanghai pudong development bank, ping an bank and bank of xi ‘an. In addition, swatch and China unionpay jointly look forward to expanding cooperation in more areas in the future.

Launched innovative Swatch watches was inspired by the American writer Edward Bellamy (Edward Bellamy), in his 1888 novel, imagine a utopian world of using credit CARDS instead of cash. It was first introduced in 2015 as the swatch’s Bellamy payment system, which does not need to be recharged, without network support. Anytime, anywhere, wave your wrist to pay the bill. In this time of race, SWATCH PAY! Right!

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The father of g-shock watch: I am more conservative and less bullish on the smartwatch market

A head of black hair, a pair of black glasses, round box, a 63 – year – old “father” of the G Shock Replica watch, the chrysanthemum male (Kikuo Ibe) sitting in a temporary exhibition hall, by dozens of s, surrounded by different versions of the G Shock, smile like a child.

In an interview with bloomberg, the chief engineer of casio’s research and development division told the story of the g-shock he spent his life with. Although the G Shock is famous in the world for many years, but in the Fitbit and Apple Watch these “more tide” smart watches, seems to have a lot of weak, chrysanthemum males also inevitably asked the department view of this situation.
“The days are much more difficult than before.” In an interview with bloomberg, Mr. Yi said the tone was still light.

G-shock has been known as a “broken watch”, but its birth has been linked to an accident with a broken watch.
In 1981, his father sent a rather expensive watch to him, but he accidentally broke it when he got it. The more expensive the watch, the more painful it will be, the more it will feel. So, in casio’s work, he decided to make a watch that “survived” in the daily crash, becoming the origin of the g-shock “Shock absorption” design.
In an impromptu exhibition hall for interviews, Mr. Eju took out a prototype of the g-shock in 1982, which he proudly described as having no problems, despite years of appearance.
Since the launch of the first g-shock in 1983, its global boom has barely stopped.
The g-shock has been popular among young people in Europe and the United States, who love street culture, and the boom has also been gaining popularity in Japan, and has been a popular place in China. The watch industry sold 30,000 copies, and g-shock shipped six million units in 1997. Despite years of occasional declines, the g-shock sales myth continues.

, according to data released casio G – shock global shipments of 2014 to 2014, only refresh record, bring casio company net profit of 33 billion yen, the highest in history, the G shock in more than 100 countries accumulative total sales of more than 70 million only.
After 2014, however, the g-shock was a tough one. In 2014, the Apple Watch went on sale, while Fitbit, Jawbone, millet and other wearables started to work, and the smartwatches seemed to be a trend.

In the first quarter of 2017, total shipments of global wearable devices reached 19.7 million units, up 67.2% from 11.8 million in the first quarter of 2015, according to IDC. Among them, Fitbit, xiaomi bracelet and Apple Watch dominate the top three, leaving traditional Watch makers casio, Fossil and Citizen behind.
Simple. B – cssdisabled – JPG. H18ffb4d075b91d31fc5f614bea4f2f21_meitu_3
Still, Mr. Eju says he’s not ready to go to war with Apple Watch or Fitbit in the smart Watch arena. “Battery life is always a smartwatch, and the screen is too small a problem,” he said. I’m not sure if the market will sustain growth in the future.”
Yi dai-hung prefers g-shock to follow a somewhat “old-fashioned” road – durable, with a mind to meet different social needs in different environments. He preferred to focus on the sensor, making g-shock more accurate water depth, altitude, air pressure, temperature, azimuth and other detection capabilities, and to maintain the impact characteristics.

Than a trendy, networking of electronic products, the department of chrysanthemum male seems to be more satisfied with the G shock hale “tiger balm” image, such as “ye” bell greer, wearing the G shock eat worms, deal with the beast in the program.
“My dream is to develop new products that can adapt to the space environment.” “I think future space travel is something everyone can enjoy, and I hope that g-shock can be part of it,” he admitted.

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The g-shock wave is overwhelming

Today, the official flagship of casio watch’s flagship store. Announced at the meeting the two sides, casio watch will be there with main G – SHOCK replica and its BABY – G, EDIFICE, SHEEN and so on six big brand, with comprehensive coverage market brand matrix into the jingdong open platform, and the opening of a casio watch official flagship store. As one of the top three watch brands in Japan, casio’s entry will certainly open up new markets in the watch industry and also bring different industries to the two sides.

Field counter map
As early as the late 1970s, casio’s products began arriving in China. For more than 30 years, the brand of casio has been developing steadily and growing. Casio’s watch always adheres to the business philosophy of “creating contribution”, constantly seeking breakthrough innovation in technology, and applying more scientific and technological ideas to the wristwatch. Its flagship brand g-shock is also designed with innovative/earthquake-resistant concepts and powerful functions, which will win the classic irreplaceable status in the minds of hipsters. We believe that with the good reputation of jingdong and the developed self-built network, casio will provide a better experience for consumers and develop an important market channel in China.

Jingdong casio watch flagship store launch ceremony
In order to celebrate the casio watch with combination of jingdong, casio flagship store will present jingdong does not only watch, as well as the hour which itsdifferent limited seconds kill, whole series of surprise offer, to buy a gift, prize forwarding business activities such as, allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of also don’t forget to add fun interactive experience.
22-284722-1. JPG
The site of the conference and the on-site purchase meeting
It is worth mentioning that in order to promote a more long-term cooperation in the future, achieve casio and jingdong brand win-win result, casio also for jingdong staff conducted a super surprise in the welfare will buy, buy the friend can be a deeper understanding of the casio watch product ideas and values.
To attend this conference has opened the high-level jingdong group vice President, ms Ding Xia jingdong mall clothing division President, casio (China) trade co., LTD., chairman of the imperial court Mr Macro view, the Beijing music sells information technology co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, Mr Liu Lei jingdong mall clothing division clock business department general manager ms Chen wan, casio (China) trade co., LTD., vice general manager Mr Drums, casio watches (China) trade co., LTD., vice general manager, a watch on the city, Mr Akira, jingdong mall clothing division clock and watch sales manager ms jojo, casio (China) trade co., LTD. Watch division network department minister ms sunny.

Receiving media group visits
Casio (China) trade co., LTD., chairman of the division of macro views, as the nation’s largest proprietary type electric business platform, jingdong has the massive high quality consumer groups, which will provide powerful guarantee sales for casio, jingdong big consumption data will also be casio precision marketing in the Chinese market to provide power. Casio watch will continue to be bold and innovative in the future, strictly adhere to precise and rigorous production, and more excellent products for the customers of jd.com.
Jingdong group vice President, jingdong mall Ding Xia apparel division President, said: “over the years, jingdong image with good quality goods and developed self-built logistics network, provide a good customer experience for the consumer, to the extreme pursuit of quality to improve customer’s trust and brand cornerstone. At the same time, the cooperation is not only bring the casio one of Japan’s big three clock and watch brand to jingdong platform, but also hope the casio watch on her wrist spirit of science and technology can be widely spread in China, the inspiration for the development of China’s watch industry, through the jingdong platform will casio spirit of science and technology, introduced to Chinese people.”

A figure
Casio’s watch has always been innovated as a development concept, constantly seeking innovation in technology, and applying more innovative ideas to the wristwatch. How can such a bold and bold brand be stuck in a rut?
After the regular ceremony, the casio watches prepared HIP POP and small wheeled performances, and the strong street culture lit up the atmosphere. Break through the shackles of The Times and forge ahead. Beyond the dream, challenge the limit, this is also the brand spirit that casio watch wants to spread.

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Motion charm Tasting casio night running shockproof waterproof quartz movement watch

Replica Casio g shock watches is a production of electronic equipment, electronic calculators company’s brand. The brand’s sports wrist unit and generous fashion, sports activity,.It has been very popular with the masses. Bring us a casio night running shockproof waterproof quartz movement watch the white wrist watch, wrist watch models: gma – s110mp – 7 a.


Fake g shock watches round watch case used brand consistent design, the surface is concave and convex shape. White watch case elegant and beautiful, can be seen from the watch case lateral casing by screw bolt reinforcement and fixed strap.


Wrist watch side has two buttons can be set-up of wrist function, grooved modify button, touch and comforwatches; Cut button is embedded in the case, can get effective protection case.
Replica  g shock Watch white watchcase used pink dial, use red pointer in the middle of the dial indicator of time, had a second dish in third position, At the same time also has electronic digital display on the dial, the timing is clear, the be clear at a glance.


Wrist watch use the pin type of clasp with delicate do manual work, the case back using back through the bottom of the watches.

cheap replica g shock watches
Conclusion: the watch the graceful, watches design is reasonable, the detail processing youdao. Wrist watch design is unique, sports fashion, youth fashion, very confortable watches for wearing in the middle of the movement.


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