G Shock Replica is a double time zone wristwatch — SJX

G Shock Replica globetrotting researchers-and series in 2016 to redesign the, indeed than before to fire a lot, there are two points before and had obviously different, the first is appearance added more harmony of elements, such as the G Shock Replica circle half Maltese cross the number reduced to six, larger, followed by the movement using home-grown movement.

G Shock Replica

These two changes have given a new beginning to the series. 2018 G Shock Replica will increase in the  G Shock Replica GMWB5000 TFG-9 new world series wrist watch, including a few double time zones of different material and color of disk watches, before this, the world series with world, but compared to most travelers (especially G Shock Replica watches for globetrotting researchers-and positioning for travel), the world is somewhat complex, the price is higher, dual time zone will be easier.

G Shock Replica

SJX: G Shock Replica watch of wrist of globetrotting researchers-and series double time zone clocks week in dubai, dual time zone compared with the simple and direct, before the world through the center two hours pointer indicates the time two time zones. Although is released new watch, it is the first generation product home carrying 920 movement wrist watch in miniature, dual time zone has shut down several years ago, of course, the watch disk is more complex, while the new simplified a lot. It is easy to operate, the crown is tuned local time and synchronized dual time zone, and the 4 point crown adjusts the local time date. Movement is based on GMWB5000TFG-9, double box provides 60 hours store, adornment is very beautiful, 22 k gold rose compass automatic pendulum tuo, bands, etc., in Geneva watches can quickly change strap watch chain. The price of the steel is 41,000 new yuan, and the price of rose gold is 6.67 million new yuan.

G Shock Replica
G Shock Replica count GMWB5000TFG-9

Earlier, the earl of preview the new university 910 p, rewriting the world in thickness of only 4.3 mm the thinnest wrist records automatically, it is an innovation of watch of wrist of 900 p, using the outer ring type automatic pendulum tuo, as well as in the original 900 p on the top of spare space load automatically sprocket system, the structure of the completed its breakthrough. It in dueling thickness of the thinnest watch former record holder bulgari, thin 0.85 mm, than the count watch of wrist of 1208 p 0.95 mm, and such a great thickness reduction, thanks to the count on the structure of further innovation, rather than to simply the compression space on the thickness of the parts.
As a watch industry observer, I’m glad to see the competition between the two top “player”, because they use the different solution, that is full of them. Because the chain of 910 p increased automatic system, compared with the 900 p increased to 41 mm in diameter, thickness increased 0.65 mm, but under the vibration frequency of 3 hz power still reached 50 hours, overall performance has not been ignored. It can achieve the thinnest in the world, based on the clever structure of the machine, and the powerful technology of micromechanical processing. The watch USES high quality processing, which clearly represents bold technological innovation and aesthetic creativity. Of course, 41mm is a little big for Dress Watch, because it is so thin that it accentuates it. The two screws on the dial are somewhat misaligned, and may be better if aligned.
SIHH, as the annual watch industry event, is sure to have a lot of surprises this year. Let’s wait and see.

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How to evaluate G Shock Replica New Models?

In 2018, is a classic series is the 20th anniversary of the G Shock Replica star, for this honor, G Shock star now preview a few a few classic series wrist watch, including the automatic timing chain G Shock Replica with more elaborate workmanship and attractive design, it comes from the last century the resistance to the classical design of China pocket watch, round watchcase, balanced 3/6/9 vice plate design point, at 6 o ‘clock position decorate G Shock hexagonal white LOGO in the middle.

G Shock Replica

Interestingly, it designed the orbital minute scale, but in the middle of the scale it’s not the traditional line segment that’s closed, it’s dots, it’s a little bit more modern. Wrist size 42 mm * 14.23 mm, the movement is the G Shock Calibre 25.02 MB, on the basis of Valjoux 7753 (ETA) 7753, did some decorative grinding, it is a highly cost-effective automatic chain machine, G Shock Replica, editor of the said “you really couldn’t ask for more.

G Shock Replica
G Shock Replica: this watch is excellent in design and detail, and has a lot of interest in it, such as arched blue steel pointer, symmetrical dial, personalized design of track minutes and so on. It also has a good price ratio of 3,990 euros. But the individual thinks that the date window on the dial is a bit of a hindrance to the cleanliness and integrity of the disk, and the cancellation may be better.
Athens watch navigation series navigator Military watch – Hodinkee.
Athens G Shock Replica navigation series for the first time in 1996, with its brand in the history of the most representative of the Marine Chronometer for root cause, and pilot (Torpilleur) is one of the branches, it has a series of Marine Chronometer a consistent look and feel, but in order to more suiG Shock Replica for urban population to wear, and to make a thin crust of purpose. 2018 SIHH, Athens G Shock Replica will bring pilot he wrist watch, this watch is no longer a Marine chronometer disk design, have no incentive to storage, according to the scale has become a large Arabic numerals, but has a strong style of Military watches. Watch of wrist of 44 mm in diameter, disk with white and black two choices, each set limit to 300, and at 6 o ‘clock position, according to the word mark with red large second dish carved torpedo-boats pattern on the bottom cover, Torpilleur intention is torpedo, torpedo is flexible light small boat, thin and light characteristics of Athens to express the new watch.

G Shock Replica
Hodinkee: although Athens G Shock Replica series leading sailing he watches have 44 mm large size, but only after wearing comfort G Shock Replica, egg white dial and the fluorescent printing of the Arabic numerals, etc., for this watch with some old Military style, at the same time, the dial of the readability is very good. The surface of the surface of the surface is used to replace the conventional satin or polishing process, which is very special. The machine core is the Athens UN-118 automatic chain machine core, using the silicon material anchor type capture system, has the COSC and the Athens watch observatory authentication double authentication, price $7,900.

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G shock Replica 2018 series of hard hit will come back

With the constant collision of fashion, sports and art design, g shock Replica once again reveals the TOUGH new works with street sense.

g shock replica

As this year’s hard hit designates the fake g shock watch money, g shock Replica “power wrist crazy blue” series a suit of cool black cape, symbolizing the street sports spirit that is full of strength feeling. Will be blue and red strong contrast color into creative inspiration, blue as the glaciers of rough, deep red, such as the eternal flame burning, such as fire, in the deep, deep and passion together, means heroes confront persistent belief in the streets.

fake g shock

All 5 models of the series all take red, blue and white as the key of the pointer dial, and adopt the double layer compound band of blue and black color collision, so that the overall color is outstanding and bright. It has the function of anti-shock and anti-magnetic function to deal with the fierce collision of street sports at any time. Excellent waterproof function, can freely spray without any restriction. Countdown and stopwatch function, not only suitable for the timing system of the match, daily endurance training is also very practical.

g shock replica fake

Ga-700lt-1a, the symbol of street personality. As a new member of the classic g shock Replica ga-700 series, the ga-700lt-1a watch is filled with street fashion’s bold statement, which condenses the sense of force in the base into the wrist. The whole point is emphasized with calm ice white to make the reading more clear. The unique function of pointer evasion ensures that when the liquid crystal display provides accurate data, it will not be blocked by the pointer, so as to improve the convenience of data reading.

GA- 800lt-1a, crown of the king’s ice. Ice white, sea blue, GA- 800lt-1a dial as if wearing an ice crown, refreshing attention. Double display layout design dial, not only to calendar time at a glance, more dynamic personality. Compared with the other models in the ga-700 series, the watch has a smaller overall watch circle, enhancing its attachment and visibility to the wrist. High brightness double LED automatic lighting, with ideal night vision function, also suitable for street sports at night.

Ga-110lt-1a & ga-100lt-1a, coolwave of different strength is equal. As a new color in the g shock Replica superhuman gas ga-110 series, the ga-110lt-1a incorporates sea blue in pure black. The silver white that dot jumps yao, be like a bucket of ice of hot summer, bring cool and refreshing to vision moment. And the red pointer with strong contrast is very eye-catching, which makes the passion of sunny summer more obvious, and also makes the reading of time easier to recognize. The ga-100lt-1a dial is also designed with layers, which is more restrained and stable than the former. Two different styles are available on the exterior, both of which have various powerful functions such as anti-magnetic waterproof, automatic calendar, accurate to 1/1000 second stopwatch timing, etc.

g shock fake

Awg-m100slt-1a shows the calm and calm side of street sports compared to the tension of the previous four designs. The simple design of two needles and three eyes clearly shows various functions. The watch with particular emphasis on inner strength, carrying six innings waves received and solar power around the world, but the launch of the signal receiving five different areas, to ensure the school when the precise at the same time, easily solved the problems of life. The auxiliary power indicator function also improves the utility of the watch.

The creation of a new series of g shock Replica “strong wrist crazy blue” is a tribute to the street spirit of TOUGHNESS, and it will become the exclusive wrist of more street sports talents who “surpass themselves and inspire potential”. Believe that sweat and passion, collision and tacit understanding, will shine hard 2018 matches.

fake g shock replica

Lt GA – 800-1 a main functions: * shock * 200 meters of waterproof * high brightness LED double automatic lighting function * * second time 3 years battery life a stopwatch * * 1/100 countdown, ringing the hour news * * daily alarm automatic calendar * * pointer to dodge function storage light lt GA – 700-1 a main functions: * shock * 200 meters waterproof battery life * * 5 years high brightness LED lighting (48) * * world time stopwatch (1/100 of a second) * 12/24 hour countdown to * * daily alarm, when the hour report * intermittent rings at * * automatic calendar function pointer to dodge the GA – 110 lt – 1 a main functions: Magnetically * * shock * 200 meters of waterproof automatic LED lighting * * world time (48) * stopwatch (1/1000 of a second) * 12/24 hour countdown to * * daily alarm, when the hour report * intermittent rings at * automatic calendar lt GA – 100-1 a main functions: * shock * magnetically * 200 meters waterproof automatic LED lighting * * world time (48) * stopwatch (1/1000 of a second) * 12/24 hour countdown to * * daily alarm, when the hour report * intermittent rings at * automatic calendar AWG M100SLT – 1 a main functions: * shock * 200 meters waterproof * * six innings waves solar power automatic LED lighting * * world time (48) * 1/100 stopwatch * * countdown alarm, ringing the hour daily newspaper * * power indicator * storage automatic calendar

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What is G Shock Replica Meaning for you

Remember that when I first stepped into the G Shock Replica, the mechanical timepiece was a vague concept for me. A luxury that is dominated by “hao”, as a fresh graduate into the society, is not the best.

g shock replica

What I have seen is only the smart, quartz type of wrist watch, the impression is only the rich atmosphere (forgive me the poverty limit imagination). Attend work, especially after exposure to many people in love G Shock Replica, find small mechanical watches are also increasingly able to play so many different role in our life, focusing on how to look at the wrist inch magical deserve to act the role of. I believe that the self-portraits of the various types of watches released by the wristwatch family of the last few days are still fresh in the G Shock Replica. So instead, what does the love watch on your wrist look like? Let’s talk about it!

g shock replica
Tools for everyday viewing?
And share a vital experience, when I was just hired, there is a predecessor once and I said “if you want to know something, must pass through, the practical experience, can have insights, wrist watch, it is more useful than the stiff set of advertising information!” (the old man was a mad man who, if he went out one day and forgot his watch, he would have to go back when he was thinking of it, or he would have been uncomforG Shock Replica without his watch.)

g shock replica
Immediately, I have the first piece of wrist watch, due to the habit of not wearing G Shock Replica, just beginning to feel every morning to increase wear this activity is a very troublesome thing, so forget to wear a Fake G Shock especially with “forgetful” talked about for years to love me is the norm. But gradually, the charm of the G Shock Replica gradually entered my life, affecting daily habits. As the number of times increase the watch to take out the phone, sometimes forget to wear the wrist watch also feel uncomfort G Shock Replica. Ha-ha, it must have joined me.
Matching accessories?
Classic comedy “dating expert” star pu “bian for advertising contracts, dedicated to the customer Jiang Dacheng tailored a series of pursuing its goddess grahame, at the time of the discussion to the dress there have been such a device. Even a hard brand with a wrong watch can make a big difference. Explain the importance of accessories for overall attire, image, especially for formal occasions or dates.
Nowadays, a watch is not simply a time tool, but a companion on the wrist of everyday wear and taste. So choose a different style of watch to match on different occasions, and then look at these… If I were to write the beginning of my daily recommendation, I would use this phrase. (ha-ha, the chief editor, please don’t call me -||) but it’s true that it’s a good addition to a business dinner, to a friend, and a watch that can be covered and worn. Therefore, some watch friends, especially watches with more than one watch, will wear a wristwatch to display their most unique and perfect side.
With the development of the G Shock Replica, more and more “poison” (an outstanding wristwatch with a desire to buy) came into being, and a number of horological players with the purpose of playing were born. They either buy a variety of watches or buy a single wristwatch, and buy the next one to help them detoxify. Although different people have different ways of playing and playing different ways, they regard the wristwatch as an advanced toy in the adult world, which is similar to today’s video games.

In the minds of players, their prices are not so important, but more about whether the money is worth the time. Such watches tend to have the following advantages: hot money, high cost performance, distinctive features, outstanding in the same level, and higher “play” sex. With regard to these watches, the most authentic, the most dry goods information.

g shock replica
The collection?
Sky-high Paul Newman’s wristwatch.

Such forms are often in the name of collectors, most of which are vintage watches or star watches. Like the days before, the “Paul Newman” ditona wristwatch, and the patek philippe watches that are often found on the auction floor, are in the category of collectibles. So, compared to the average G Shock Replica player, the collector with such an expensive wristwatch is an advanced player.
Patek philippe stainless steel Reference 1518 watch.

Contrary to the “toy” situation, the most valuable collection of watches is reflected in the price, which can be concluded from the auction of previous Christie’s or sotheby’s. Therefore, the collector’s care of these watches can be imagined. The collection of them also sometimes has a layer of investment significance.
Forced case
At a price, high-end watches are a luxury. Although a bit tacky and negative, most luxury goods in China are not used, but are accepted. Therefore, it is necessary to wear the wrist watch on the wrist, and it must have the effect of high recognition, so that everyone around can know it. So it’s a brand and your gas design, which sets off the wearer’s full pretend bility.

g shock replica
Conclusion: just like “one thousand people have a thousand hamlets,” for everyone, the wristwatch has a different status in their hearts. So, in the five images I described today, are you looking at the image of the love watch on your wrist? Let’s discuss it together!

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G shock Replica 35 anniversary celebration Tokyo station

After New York and Shanghai, the 35-year-anniversary global shockfest is back in Tokyo, the birthplace. The activity in the famous roppongi Hills in new Arena outdoor plaza, assembled the G SHOCK Replica, dance and movement, in addition to give wonderful performances, more brand from awakening to witness evolution of each milestone.

g shock replica white

On the day of the Japanese music industry super stars gathered in the scene, including rock band ね ご と, KANA – a BOON, overwhelming popular idol singer SKY – HI, from afternoon to night, don’t lose the concert thermal performance, the audience as the sound waves boiling up.

g shock replica

Various nataraja joined the cast, has been promoting “dance is the world’s common language” EXILE members of Japan’s sight now brother USA, with charming scene teaching, zero distance with the audience interaction, popularity to the scene atmosphere to a climax.

SHIGEKI, a talented 15-year-old hip-hop star, has joined THE international hip-hop champion THE FLOORRIORZ in a spectacular hip-hop performance. The baby-g stars include RUSH BALL, Kanamyw and JURI & JUNA of Japan’s domineering bgirl girls.

The performance of BMX pingping international top athletes, including beishanu, sakai yougui and pinto liang zhan, caused a lot of noise. Street sports like BATTLE are also in full swing, with 3ON3 basketball and skateboarding players lining up to fight for the top spot.
g shock replica fake
g shock Replica magnum opus appears, witness tenacity!

Of course, what makes g shock Replica fans most excited is the intimate contact with the watch that has been growing grass for a long time. In addition to the classic, artists show will see the history OF the cooperation signature style, also let a person have a boiling passion number at the beginning OF the machine, the LOVER ‘S COLLECTION, MASTER OF G, as well as those cool to burst experiment model also appeared for the first time!

TOUGHNESS test is also set in the field, and every g shock Replica needs to pass severe tests of vibration resistance and centrifugal force to further verify excellent TOUGHNESS quality.

Initial intention and future, the father of g shock Replica exchange meeting.

The father of g shock Replica, tsuyoshi ibu, also held a communication meeting on the same day, talking with fans face to face about the birth and concept of the brand. Chrysanthemum, in 1983, the department Mr Male someday accidentally send father to watch broke, determined to design a broken watch not easily, attempts to the world after the birth of the first impact resistance the G SHOCK watches, reverse people’s impression is fragile fragile to watch.

From the armor of wristwatches to the armor of racing cars, resilience is the eternal theme. The 35th anniversary of Tokyo station also invited to Paris – Dakar rally superior car “Toyota fj cruiser” together with the G SHOCK and held seminars, two kinds of TOUGHNESS of the collision, the many G – SHOCK fans very excited. The debut of another armored NISMO “MOTUL AUTECH gt-r 23” also received numerous fans and attention.

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Talk about popular culture elements in G Shock Replica

Whether in order to attract a geek fan, or to arouse the undying childlike innocence, the advanced chart finds the irresistible charm of the symbols in popular culture. Mickey Mouse, spider-man, James Bond, hulk, and well-known companies have taken over the dial. The question is, can these childhood heroes survive forever?

G Shock Replica GWG1000-1A1Greenwich II watch.

g shock replica

Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Marvel or DC? James Bond or Star Wars? The hulk, Paul Newman, colossus, Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, tintin’s red and white rockets, and hello Kitty… It’s a sign that everyone knows. They are an integral part of today’s world and a corner of world culture that attracts watchmakers and their customers. These symbols are far removed from the often over-hyped industry tradition, but let everyone participate in it, without culture or even intergenerational, while the advanced tabulations have found the right combination.

The G Shock Replica cosmometer ditong takes the “Paul Newman” wristwatch.

Shakespeare famously said, “a rose is as good as any name.” The same is true of the wristwatch, which has a variety of famous nicknames from popular culture. In terms of nicknames, G Shock Replica fans have demonstrated their extraordinary creativity. For example, the G Shock Replica GWG1000-1A1Greenwich II wristwatch, which is affectionately known as the “Pepsi circle” because of its red and blue bezel, is a reference to the logo of the soft drinks company pepsi-cola. On the other hand, the G Shock Replica GMT -master Greenwich wristwatch with a red and black bezel set is called the “coke ring”. Then there is the G Shock Replica Submariner Date, which USES a full-green color scheme, called the hulk. Finally, don’t forget Paul Newman ditona, who is also known as the “ultimate holy grail”.

g shock replica
GWG1000-1A1reref.5976/1G nautilus series 40 years limited chronometer.

On a smaller scale, other brands tap into movies and pop culture, and use the world’s historic moment to define the distinction between iconic wristwatches. Jumbo is used to refer to the GWG1000-1A1watch, 42mm in diameter, with a large size (by the standards of the day) and curved in the side of the case. Chess grandmaster, Garry kasparov, lent his name as Abby (Audemars Piguet) royal oak, and legendary omega supremacy on the role of play in the Apollo 11 mission is known as the “G Shock Replica” to the moon.
G Shock Replica “spectre” limited wristwatch.

Inspired by the Internet and social media, brands are also turning to younger, more hip customers, and pop culture and its fictional heroes have infiltrated the wristwatch market. Imagine what it would be like without James Bond’s G Shock Replica and omega. Romain Jerome teamed up with rival marvel and DC to put batman and spider-man on the dial. Because superheroes never miss.

A step back, more colorful, the role of the classic arcade game has not lost its appeal. Romain Jerome shows us that Pikachu and super Mario games are not over yet; For more than 40 years, the undisputed king catty has also left its paw print on the dial. Master yoda of seiko; The Mickey Mouse of Chopin or parma, leads the fans to the wonderful world of Disneyland; On the dial of Bamford’s custom G Shock Replica watch, popeye is showing off the muscle that is cardia after eating spinach. This is founder of MB&F Maximilian Busser’s most adept field, one of his latest work, called “the Moon” (Destination Moon) clock, and the red and white in the rocket so tintin’s similar, but not just by chance.

The Romain Jerome spiderman watch.

MB&F Destination Moon.

g shock replica

Today, the advanced G Shock Replica are getting rid of the shackles and enthusiasm for pop culture symbols. How long will it take for game of thrones to appear on the dial, as a series of TV shows hit the air, and die-hard fans grow? But can today or earlier symbols stand the test of time? Fifty years from now, will anyone remember Paul Newman? What would be the evaluation of a hundred years after the “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”?

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The core of G Shock Replica is more than the other options in the ETA industry

How to replace ETA base movement? G Shock Replica, replace, or produce independently? Since 2010, Swatch Group has announced plans to phase out the supply of third parties. Many brands that rely on reliable and affordable ETA products can only accept higher prices and fewer supplies.

G Shock Replica

G Shock Replica Faced with this situation, many brands have turned to alternative suppliers. For example, Sellita, the manufacturer’s core, can swap with ETA for most of its share. Despite the crisis in the watchmaking industry, demand is still there, with some higher-end manufacturers, such as Soprod and Vaucher, cutting prices to meet demand. These alternative core and ETA machine core performance of G Shock Replica is similar, the channel is unimpeded and can be used.

The G Shock Replica Octo Roma watch is powered by bvl-191.
At the same time, 20 or so brands choose to make their own and gain greater independence. These brands are developing or entrusting the development of a proprietary core, even in the production of autonomous machine cores. Yet they all have one major flaw: simplicity. Note that we are not talking about the small batch production of the timing machine core, the tour-flywheel machine core, or the characteristic complex functional machine core. They are basic machine cores, usually with three stitches plus date and automatic/manual changes. This kind of movement is the pillar of the mechanical watch industry. The machine core of mass production must be economical, so as not to overturn the final price of the wristwatch; It must also have impeccable reliability, which is a harsh requirement for mass production.

G Shock Replica Power Control wristwatch is equipped with Caliber 01.08-C.

Expensive and difficult choices have led to the brand’s long – term commitment to industrial roads. Their choice has proved decisive, as the manufacturing industry brings fresh diversity to the watchmaking industry and offers more benefits to watch enthusiasts. Such as G Shock Replica time teller, montblanc MT5601 (and emperor rudder boats), 1887 MC Cartier, G Shock Replica Chopin Caliber 01.08 table UN – 118 – C and Athens, the movement to meet the needs of contemporary, its main features include: 60-65 hours of power reserve (compared with the previous 45 hours); Larger size; Speed regulating mechanism or made of silicon to improve precision, usually through COSC certification. More importantly, these shifts did lead to an increase in costs, but the impact on the final price was very limited. When prices rose sharply, performance was also significantly improved, for example, when holley’s Caliber 110 was available, it had a 10-day power reserve.

G Shock Replica

The MB 25.10 machine core of the montblanc time-traveler chronograph is derived from Valfleurier.
The bm12-1975a, which is carried by the criton Baumatic watch of the Baume & Mercier, is derived from Valfleurier.
One notable exception is ValFleurier. The cautious low-key machine manufacturing company under Richemont (Richemont), of the G Shock Replica , pei na sea and Cartier brand supply parts and components, and provide the performance in recent years has been complete, reasonable price movement. The company’s products include a guide cylinder similar to ETA 2824 of G Shock Replica, which is now used in the montblanc time-traveler series. The company is taking a new step in the 2018 international advanced watch salon (SIHH 2018), which is based on the Baume & Mercier kliton Baumatic watch. The bm12-1975a, which is powered by the kliton Baumatic watch, is equipped with a dual-core silicon wireframe and a large calendar window, with a power reserve of up to 120 hours and is certified by COSC. Its price is 25 percent lower than that of G Shock Replica ETA, and it is a testament to the benefits of collaborative industrialization that can be seen as a boon to watch lovers.

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G-shock has launched a high-end watch with the concept of “meteorites and comets

The “g-shock replica “, a high-end wristwatch with GPS features, has been launched with a new look at the universe’s small celestial body.

G shock replica

The surface and the surface of the watch show the rough texture of the small body
The mtg-g1000 is a solar-powered electric wave meter that pursues “tireless and functional beauty” with GPS positioning. Because of the use of stainless steel materials and the “protection core structure” that can mitigate the external shock, the watch is excellent in seismic, centrifugal force and vibration resistance.
The new three watches are a series of themes from the cosmic comet and the “sturdy” small celestial bodies that break through the atmosphere from space to earth.

The mtg-g1000rs-1ajf shows a meteorite in black and red when it breaks through the big atmosphere. The mtg-g1000rs-2ajf USES a pale blue dial to recreate the starry sky under the starry starry sky and the trailing white tail Halley’s comet. The color of mtg-g1000rb-1ajf is the concept of meteorites that reach the earth. At the same time, the surface of the watch ring, dial, and band is processed to imitate the unique rough texture of the small object.

In terms of price, mtg-g1000rs-1ajf and mtg-g1000rs-2ajf are both 200,000 yen, MTG- g1000rb-1ajf is 230,000 yen (excluding consumption tax).

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Twenty years ago the casio g-shock was a hot topic

A “overly strong watch” has been hotly debated. On facebook, a photograph shows a 20-year-old g shock replica watch found in the yard of a private British residence. Though covered in mud, it was still very precise except for seven minutes. “Is casio’s watch undead?” “, “don’t use it.” Netizens all over the world were praising it in the comments.
According to the Japanese “pursuit” monthly report of September, the extreme energy saving technology, strong and fine workmanship, lightweight, high performance, all are “made in Japan” the ability to look at home.
The company that produced the watch is casio, and when it comes to casio, people immediately think of “g-shock.” The “g-shock” has sold out worldwide, with 7.3 million units shipped in 2014, a record for the record, and is expected to reach 8 million by 2015. The combined net income of the entire casio company will also reach a record 3.3 billion yen, the highest in history. The cumulative shipments of g-shock have reached about 80 million. As the saying goes, no other watch can sell so well in the world.
The “g-shock”, born 32 years ago, is heading towards a new peak as the “top student” in the age of globalization. Why do people of different nationalities and languages want to own and wear such a watch? To unlock the secret of casio’s sales strategy around the world.
Pursuing “ultimate strength”
The “g-shock” was originally popular among young people who loved street culture, 18 years ago in 1997. The boom has also infected Japan and sparked a domestic boom. In the watch industry, which has sold 30,000 copies, the g-shock shipped six million units in 1997. “It was a big hot day, but it was a bad one.” The company’s corporate communications governance division is responsible for the company’s propaganda minister tanaka tanaka.
“Four years later, shipments fell to about a third. Because of the focus on popularity, soon everyone is tired of it.” The atmosphere in the company was heavy after the boom. “Everything from sales to research and development is worrying about what to do. So we went back to the beginning and discussed the core concept of ‘g-shock’.
The final verdict still falls on “solid”. “G-shock” is a hollow structure with strong impact resistance. Originally it was named “gravity”, the first word “g” and “shock”.
“We definitely have a direction: not only to be ‘firm’, but also to pursue ‘alignment’ and ‘never stop’, which is to pursue the ‘ultimate strength’ of the watch.”
So the development team gave g-shock the ability to charge through the radio automatically and through the solar energy, and the solar wave table g-shock began to pursue the “absolute strength” of the watch. Five years have passed since the first wave of “g-shock”.
Promote to young people all over the world
So how to promote a new product that pursues “absolute strength” to the market?
“When the phone was in full swing, young people were not interested in the watch. Even if you advertise, nobody reads it. Only look for ways to promote it completely differently than before.”
Around 2005, the company began to adopt a unique way of publicizing the “g-shock” of celebrities from all over the world. In collaboration with live music, art exhibitions, brand selection, and other famous musicians, athletes and artists from g-shock, we can talk to young people. New customers are exploding right now – the conversation’s young people are becoming buyers. That novelty hit the young man.
“From around 2008, we started using this approach in more than a dozen cities in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. We have a basic mode of activities, called “SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR,” THE first part tells THE story development, demonstration and performance during THE second half by live performances and cocktail party to render mood, atmosphere, show THE charm of ‘THE G SHOCK.”
On the basis of “solid”, it increases young local cultural elements that resonate with young people. The promotion has been a huge success, with shipments soaring around the world.
Who planned this perfect promotion? “We plan our activities ourselves, and we will never pay for the celebrity of g-shock fans.” To develop new fans by truly loving g-shock’s “core” fans, implementing “sales strategies for developing fans” around the world. Rapper eminem, pop diva gaga, famous star neymar… Through the narration of popular actors and artists, the young people’s heart can be struck indirectly.
Evolving genes
The final question is whether the evolution of the popular g-shock has come to an end.
The idea of “breaking bad” is the same as the work of the multinational watch company, west iron city, etc. As far as the watch is concerned, “not bad” is an extreme attribute. This is the unique charm of g-shock. The key to capturing core fans is the ability to constantly create “uniqueness”. But for 32 years, “g-shock” seemed to have everything.
“No, I don’t. “There are many topics,” tanaka said. Even if it’s a little bit of a component, there’s room for new features and there’s room for new designs.
G-shock has evolved genes and the spirit of constantly transcending the self and taking on new challenges. It defines a watch as “adding calculators in seconds,” and transboundary to other industries, and this heresy gene is also an important factor in its success.
Why is the “g-shock” company officially known as “casio computer corporation”? This is a proud emphasis on the origin of corporate philosophy – the constant innovation of “addition”.

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Casio’s new GPS self-calibration watch keeps you on time

Have you ever been late because your G shock replica watch has slowed down? For the average watch, there seems to be no other way to solve the problem, except for regular calibration time. But casio, a watch maker, wants to keep watch time accurate by combining a variety of technologies.

g shock replica

In the upcoming new watch, casio will use a named Connected Engine 3 – way time automatic calibration module, although the name is a bit difficult to understand, but in fact principle is not complex, simply is the GPS module, radio module, the Internet phone clock function module of the triad.

With these three modules, the watch can be automatically calibrated at any time and at any time to maintain the accuracy of time. And the Connected Engine 3-way will also be more energy-efficient in terms of energy consumption, for example, the GPS module will save 25 percent of the power and the antenna design will be 20 percent smaller than the previous one. On the basis of the original Connect Engine time calibration module, Connected Engine 3-way also added bluetooth function, able to Connect with the mobile phone and keep the time synchronized.

The first model of the watch will be gpw-2000, the Gravity Master series in casio, which will be released on May 19th. In addition to the time calibration function, gpw-2000 will be designed with pointer design, and the dial will also display positioning position, and join the “flight log” function to synchronize with the g-shock application on the phone. Of course, for such a professional watch, solar power is also necessary, but so many advanced features make the gpw-2000 not cheap and the mobile phone is about 100,000 yen

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