The most professional speed – measuring intelligent watch – casio EDIFICE eqb-800

This is the second time casio G Shock Replica has incorporated bluetooth technology into the EDIFICE sequence, following the eqb-500 release in 2014. With the popularity of smart watches, there are more and more cases of casio combining with smart phones, which can be regarded as a model for the industry to follow the trend of The Times. Add solar cell technology, and casio is doing just fine. New EDIFICE EQB – 800 aimed at young energetic people, the whole design style of watches to be radical, it must be with casio sponsored events related to red bull’s F1 in recent years, beginning in 2009, EDIFICE as infiniti red bull official partners, so the car style in the new EQB – 800 is remarkable in the wrist watch is a natural thing, EQB – 800 intelligent speed is also the moment the most easy to be master in intelligent wrist watch and have practical use, this was a key part of the EQB – 800.

The eqb-800 and other EDIFICE wristwatches are similar in the shell material, and continue to use stainless steel. For other series of card watches, they belong to the category of “heavy metal”. The chronograph circle is very thick, and the dark dial adopts the overall sinking design, which makes room for the pointer and small dial on the dial, with a strong visual sense. G Shock Replica second pointer and the preset time pointer USES light blue, 1/20 of a second time to show the use of the thick dark blue and red arrows, absolute marked in the actual observation, makes me reminiscent infiniti Q50 coupe tachometer, instantaneous speed under the accelerator G Shock Replica pointer blue on the up and down, with the noise of the engine, let a person have the urge to want to run on the track.

Casio is the brand best at writing articles on the dial display function. If you read the manual carefully, you will find that the eqb-800 derives many useful and complex functions through four buttons on both sides of the case and several small plates on the large dial and the scale indicator corresponding to the pointer. In actual use, the four pressing buttons on the left and right side of the watch case have light damping, short travel and sensitive contact, which is greatly different from the experience of timing buttons of traditional mechanical watch. When it comes to practical application, this mode experience is better, only a little attention should be paid to daily wearing. When it is necessary to adjust time and date, screw down the crown and pull it out in two sections. The damping of the crown rotation is very comforG Shock Replica, and it only needs a small amount of force to adjust.

The part of the watch chain adopts three-section stainless steel chain belt. Compared with the heavy watch case, the chain belt is slightly light. The first feeling of wearing is that the watch case is very heavy. In addition, the eqb-800 still USES sapphire crystal glass, with a waterproof case of 100 meters, which is enough to withstand the possibility of daily splashing water.
EQB – 800 – d can be said to be a very easy to use smart meters, watchcase left with bluetooth logo button press 1.5 seconds, can be connected to the APP with CASIO +, link successfully timing the second hand will rotate one circle and uttered bibi hint, APP into the function interface at the same time, reflected on CASIOWATCH + function is not much, but the module is clear, the directory structure is clear, a see understand, another beautiful interface, and acceptance. According to the APP interface of eqb-800d, the two most important functions of the watch are second time zone adjustment and time measurement.

APP interface provides a second time zone map of the world and the city list two models for your choice, the manual says EQB – 800 – d are available in 300 cities time choice, when you choose a city, click synchronization to watch, watch at 6 o ‘clock position with the rotation of the dial and this is the hour, you just select city at six small dial on the top right of the mini plate have instructed a pointer to a mini morning and afternoon. The best thing eqb-800d can do is to check the default home time of large dial and the target city time of small dial through the APP. All the operations require you to click on the APP. When you return to your hometown, you can click the button on the APP to return, which is a very considerate user experience.

Next to study to understand timing function will need to work, first through the simple watch implementation timing is not complicated, the upper right of the watch case with face labeled button is timing button, in the timing mode, press a start timing functions, 9 points of 1/20 of a second pointer began to swing, when large second hand walk for 30 seconds, 1/20 of a second pointer to stop oscillating, if press the timer button again, after a 1/20 of a second pointer will give accurate time. EQB – 800 – d special timing function can be set a time, and then start the time, it’s like F1 on the emergence of a record for the fastest lap, other drivers by default lap time run a circle, look at your every lap time and preset time close degree, and can be in the form of a curve chart on the APP. On the dial, the 12-point dial in calendar mode indicates the day of the week in local time, but turns into a timer in stopwatch mode. The white triangle in the direction of 7 points on the small dial is the starting position of the timer, and the white triangle in the direction of 12 points is the target time position set by the user. After recording the data, the eqb-800 can transmit the data to the APP via bluetooth and display it with 1/1000sec precision. The APP will also help you find the fastest speed. In daily life, set a time so that you have the impulse to arrive faster and break through the fastest time each time you drive. For the best experience, the eqb-800 timing feature is driven by an upgraded, high-speed two-coil motor, with higher precision than the older model, and a more exciting reverse jump of the pointer.

Of course, the eqb-800 still retains some simple functions needed for daily wearing, such as date and week display. The alarm setting can be implemented on the APP, and the battery capacity can be displayed to remind you to take in the sun.

From my first contact with casio watches more than 10 years ago to the present EDIFICE eqb-800, every series of casio has a very clear directivity, EDIFICE was created to distinguish from digital display, only serving the metal pointer. From the perspective of EDIFICE EQB of the last two generations, casio is more focused on technological breakthroughs and technical expertise in a certain field in the research and development direction. With more and more technology applied to metal watches, casio EDIFICE is at the forefront of the industry.

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