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Every Cool Girl grows up, and there’s more spontaneity when she morphs into a competent and confident queen. However, the inner self will not change, or a heroic personality. This season, BABY-G shines to launch the G-MS series with mature feeling, will metal and resin ingenious fusion, no matter formal or casual style can be easily matched, very suit the metropolis female that is full of duty field vigor.

There is no such thing as a pretty face, but an interesting soul is one in a million. Yes, independence and full of feminine, mature wisdom yet not nifty, the United States three-dimensional is the charming high position. The new msg-s200 series has a distinct sense of hierarchy, just like the two charm tenses in your work and life. The case, dial and buckle are all made of metal, which echo with the finishing scale of metal texture and radiate feminine charm. The resinous watch band shows a modern sense of spontaneity.

Let collocation follow one’s inclinations, just call joker.
The msg-s200-4a & msg-s200-7a of argent watch circle, elegant in taking a bit handsome character in grace, light and comfor Casio G Shock Replica white shirt matchs today season big hot pocket umbrella skirt, classic elegance and agile and fashionable, capture his heart easily. And the msg-s200g-1a & msg-s200g-7a of rose gold watch ring, the band of Boyfriend Style matches with soft and beautiful watch ring color, so that the casual Style also has romantic feelings, and it is easy to create a favorable LOOK. Clothes of the same color can be easily matched.

There is more than face, there is inner power.
Many casio Fans are looking forward to the release of the g-ms series because not only does it have a high level of physical appearance that matches that of g-steel, but it’s also functional. In addition to inheriting the baby-g excellent shockproof performance, the msg-s200 series dual dial design is equipped with world time, which can show the time of two regions at the same time, and is very suiCasio G Shock Replica for the metropolis women who travel frequently. In addition, solar power and high brightness LED lighting are also very practical, easy to solve the battery life and night vision problems.
From Cool Girl to Sparkling Lady, BABY G has accompanied girls’ growth all the way. With original design and bold colors, it shows unique self through watch design and matching. The birth of the g-ms series, like the next milestone in their lives, shines more brightly. This BABY G has also specially customized the laser shooter bag gift box for the new series. Don’t hold your breath anymore.
Main functions of msg-s200 series: * shockproof *100 meters waterproof * solar power * high brightness LED lighting * world time (48 cities) * stopwatch (1/100) * countdown *12/24 hour system * daily alarm, hourly alarm * automatic calendar * power indicator

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