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Regards Casio G Shock Replica, everyone is familiar with it. Speaking of Casio G Shock Replica, you are most familiar with the g-shock. But today we are going to introduce you to this Casio G Shock Replica, which is a less popular model AE1200WH-1A. It’s a Casio G Shock Replica world time watch. Let’s take a look.

The Casio G Shock Replica may not be high enough for those of us who are used to a pointer watch or a mechanical watch, but it’s not a high-cold route. To be honest, I would prefer to wear the digital watch of this kind of digital display, regardless of the virtual things, if I only look at the time. It is not why, simple and convenient, and time information is clear at a glance.

Casio G Shock Replica AE1200WH-1A wrist watch from the Classic series of Casio G Shock Replica, the case is the Classic Casio G Shock Replica square shape, interesting is its dial layout. At the top right of the dial is the map of the world, while at the bottom is the time, week, month and date. The top left of the dial is the circular clock, the time and the digital clock, the second hand is time to move.
Note: above, Daniel Craig wears an omega sea horse 300 diving watch in casino royale
Casio G Shock Replica Royale, as the Casio G Shock Replica world time watch is known abroad, is the nickname borrowed from the theme of the new bond’s first film, known to those who are familiar with it as Casino Royale. Of course, the AE1200WH 1A watch itself has not been worn by 007, but in history 007 did wear a watch very similar to AE1200WH 1A. It was the third and most handsome James Bond, the hardwork G757 worn by British actor Roger Moore in 1983’s “eight-legged woman,” which has since been discontinued.

This Casio G Shock Replica world time watch, like many Casio G Shock Replica electronic watches, has rich hair function, the watch provides 31 time zones and cities, daylight saving time switch, can display up to 4 time zones, stopwatch function, countdown function, up to 5 groups of alarm, the hour, and so on. For some people, many features may not be available at all, but for others, they may be useful.

The design of the watch can be said to be 360 degrees without dead end, but after all, it is a relatively cheap model of Casio G Shock Replica, and the workmanship can only be said to be passable, compared to the g-shock visual a little bit. The two buttons on each side of the watch correspond to different functions. As for the specific function, these buttons have corresponding English signs. For example, the button in the upper left corner of the watch is marked with “ADJUST”. Long press this button to enter the setting mode and ADJUST the time and date. As for MODE switching, press the lower left corner and we can see the word “MODE”.
AE1200WH-1A is a digital watch, but you don’t have to worry about the battery. It has a power supply of 10 years, which is absolutely enough. Maybe it has enough power. There is no need to worry about the waterproofing. The waterproof depth of the watch has reached the diving G Shock Replica level, which is 100 meters. AE1200WH-1A comes with a black rubber band that is comforG Shock Replica to wear, and also available if you want metal bands. Finally, the price of AE1200WH-1A wristwatch can be said to be the price of cabbage, as long as $24.95, about 171 yuan.
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