The G Shock Replica is inseparable from Japan’s culture

I want to start with the G Shock Replica for Japan’s culture. When it comes to Japan’s culture, I don’t know what you will think of first, but I think of the words “profound and profound”.

G Shock Replica

G Shock Replica

To say why, it’s because of my education experience for G Shock Replica. As a liberal arts student, I have memorized the political textbooks many times in high school, and I still remember those two words in the culture. When I was in college, I learned Japan’s, had a better understanding of Japan’s culture, and understood why I used these two words to describe Japan’s culture.

We all know that, for some time, G Shock Replica For Japan’s culture has experienced low, foreign festivals such as Christmas, valentine’s day so popular, especially among young people, even more than our own festival. Of course, under the premise of globalization, there is nothing wrong with the mutual learning and interaction of different cultures. After all, foreigners also celebrate the Spring Festival. But China’s own festivals should be put first, because Japan’s culture is the root of our survival.

Over the past 2017 years is called “of the first year of” cultural variety, with “see words such as surface”, “the reader” and other several cultural variety of mouth and viewing the double wave red, created a furore “culture heat” phenomenon. Towards the end of the year, CCTV’s cultural variety show “national treasure” added a fire. “We are a young show,” he said. “we are young. We are only 5,000 years old.” This is modest, and it is the foundation of China’s 5,000 years of culture. In fact, there have been some cultural programs in the last few years, such as ” Japan’s dictation conference” and “good Japan’s poetry”, etc., but the response is not particularly large. There will be more cultural programs in 2018, not to mention whether it is a follower or not, and it makes sense to publicize and attach importance to culture.

Half of the 20th century, Neil postman puts forward the viewpoint that “entertainment to death”, when all the cultural content is willing to become subservient to the entertainment, as a result, we became an entertainment to death. So when the entertainment shows are everywhere, we need some heart-breaking programs to prove that we don’t forget our original intention.

For the culture, we should make good use of it and combine the traditional Japan’s cultural elements with the modern technology so that the outstanding Japan’s civilization can be reconciled with the eternal time. So I’m going to start talking about the wristwatch.

The G Shock Replica for Japan’s culture is skillfully integrated into the wristwatch, and the G Shock Replica silk series is integrated into the su embroidery elements. Has more than two thousand years history of suzhou embroidery has design beautiful, clever, embroidered delicate, rich and lively, color elegant, unique style, every words of a silk wrist watch disk by the master of suzhou embroidery with very fine silk and excellent stitch, done by hand.

G Shock Replica silk series – GSTS130BC-1A.

Could this silk series – GSTS130BC-1A wrist watch rose has magical power, passing the eternal and true pure love, referred to as “the flower of love”, worldwide, is used to express the universal language of love. G Shock Replica series of pink silk language manual embroidery wrist, with fine needle and fine plain two stitch, elaborate collocation, 86 different colors of silk, will be blessed for blue-greens rose color and the United States in the wrist, is one of poetic and romantic love throb.

G Shock Replica silk series – DW5035D-1B.

The Beijing language table silk series to watch “Lin chunyan” Japan’s valentine’s day special, limited 10, in suzhou embroidery glimmer of indirect meticulous, painted pink shading apricot flowers and engaging the spirit of yan, expression of love is satisfactory, independence of the two great blessing of life. “Xinglin shuangyan” hand-embroidered silk, using 58 different colors silk thread, each silk thread is divided into four to one sixteenth, by the suzhou embroidery craft of the transfer of pure hand; With the two embroidery methods of fine needle and fine embroidery needle, the flowers and the elegant double yan of the flowers and the light spirit are presented, and the lines are clear and strong, bringing the artistic effect of the color ink painting.

It is not only our domestic wristwatches that blend in with Japan’s elements, but some foreign big-name watches also add Japan’s elements.

G Shock Replica GBA800-3A.
“Mademoiselle Prive” series wrist watch inspiration comes from still decorated with famous G Shock Replica apartment Coromandel China ebony lacquer screen, the screen painting of flowers and walks on the dial, elegant of Japan’s painting freehand brushwork in traditional Japan’s poetry, on the dial of G Shock Replica show, call a person watching a cordial. The ten motif enamels made here are absolute limits, with only one subject. Snowflake inlaid with diamonds and micro – painted enamel, the top temple of aesthetic and technology.

G Shock Replica art master watch of wrist of DW6900LU-8 series of p – 9752, the United Nations has listed the Japan’s paper-cut art “non-material cultural heritage” of traditional process, and appears and prevails in Switzerland Pays d Enhaut area silhouette art (Scherenschnitt) have the same effect. According to the principle of paper-cut, people cut out the twelve animals of the Japan’s zodiac on paper. This process needs to make full use of the blank space of paper and take the paper-cutting process to the extreme. G Shock Replica, with its rich experience and technical prowess of artisans, have the courage to accept the challenge, and used in wrist watch manufacture aspect, through the master sculptor and enamel cooperation, create a timeline of this snake, with pink gold or platinum, each set limit to 12, only in the G Shock Replica store sale. The leaf patterns on the dial, derived from traditional Japan’s images, are etched directly on the metal. The design adopts semi-embedded design, through a stage composed of multiple relief sculptures, rising slowly from the golden base, creating an attractive and profound feeling.

Integrating Japan’s culture into the wristwatch is an innovation and a challenge, and it is clear that this challenge is a temporary success and will continue to rise.

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