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G Shock Replica globetrotting researchers-and series in 2016 to redesign the, indeed than before to fire a lot, there are two points before and had obviously different, the first is appearance added more harmony of elements, such as the G Shock Replica circle half Maltese cross the number reduced to six, larger, followed by the movement using home-grown movement.

G Shock Replica

These two changes have given a new beginning to the series. 2018 G Shock Replica will increase in the  G Shock Replica GMWB5000 TFG-9 new world series wrist watch, including a few double time zones of different material and color of disk watches, before this, the world series with world, but compared to most travelers (especially G Shock Replica watches for globetrotting researchers-and positioning for travel), the world is somewhat complex, the price is higher, dual time zone will be easier.

G Shock Replica

SJX: G Shock Replica watch of wrist of globetrotting researchers-and series double time zone clocks week in dubai, dual time zone compared with the simple and direct, before the world through the center two hours pointer indicates the time two time zones. Although is released new watch, it is the first generation product home carrying 920 movement wrist watch in miniature, dual time zone has shut down several years ago, of course, the watch disk is more complex, while the new simplified a lot. It is easy to operate, the crown is tuned local time and synchronized dual time zone, and the 4 point crown adjusts the local time date. Movement is based on GMWB5000TFG-9, double box provides 60 hours store, adornment is very beautiful, 22 k gold rose compass automatic pendulum tuo, bands, etc., in Geneva watches can quickly change strap watch chain. The price of the steel is 41,000 new yuan, and the price of rose gold is 6.67 million new yuan.

G Shock Replica
G Shock Replica count GMWB5000TFG-9

Earlier, the earl of preview the new university 910 p, rewriting the world in thickness of only 4.3 mm the thinnest wrist records automatically, it is an innovation of watch of wrist of 900 p, using the outer ring type automatic pendulum tuo, as well as in the original 900 p on the top of spare space load automatically sprocket system, the structure of the completed its breakthrough. It in dueling thickness of the thinnest watch former record holder bulgari, thin 0.85 mm, than the count watch of wrist of 1208 p 0.95 mm, and such a great thickness reduction, thanks to the count on the structure of further innovation, rather than to simply the compression space on the thickness of the parts.
As a watch industry observer, I’m glad to see the competition between the two top “player”, because they use the different solution, that is full of them. Because the chain of 910 p increased automatic system, compared with the 900 p increased to 41 mm in diameter, thickness increased 0.65 mm, but under the vibration frequency of 3 hz power still reached 50 hours, overall performance has not been ignored. It can achieve the thinnest in the world, based on the clever structure of the machine, and the powerful technology of micromechanical processing. The watch USES high quality processing, which clearly represents bold technological innovation and aesthetic creativity. Of course, 41mm is a little big for Dress Watch, because it is so thin that it accentuates it. The two screws on the dial are somewhat misaligned, and may be better if aligned.
SIHH, as the annual watch industry event, is sure to have a lot of surprises this year. Let’s wait and see.

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