How to evaluate G Shock Replica New Models?

In 2018, is a classic series is the 20th anniversary of the G Shock Replica star, for this honor, G Shock star now preview a few a few classic series wrist watch, including the automatic timing chain G Shock Replica with more elaborate workmanship and attractive design, it comes from the last century the resistance to the classical design of China pocket watch, round watchcase, balanced 3/6/9 vice plate design point, at 6 o ‘clock position decorate G Shock hexagonal white LOGO in the middle.

G Shock Replica

Interestingly, it designed the orbital minute scale, but in the middle of the scale it’s not the traditional line segment that’s closed, it’s dots, it’s a little bit more modern. Wrist size 42 mm * 14.23 mm, the movement is the G Shock Calibre 25.02 MB, on the basis of Valjoux 7753 (ETA) 7753, did some decorative grinding, it is a highly cost-effective automatic chain machine, G Shock Replica, editor of the said “you really couldn’t ask for more.

G Shock Replica
G Shock Replica: this watch is excellent in design and detail, and has a lot of interest in it, such as arched blue steel pointer, symmetrical dial, personalized design of track minutes and so on. It also has a good price ratio of 3,990 euros. But the individual thinks that the date window on the dial is a bit of a hindrance to the cleanliness and integrity of the disk, and the cancellation may be better.
Athens watch navigation series navigator Military watch – Hodinkee.
Athens G Shock Replica navigation series for the first time in 1996, with its brand in the history of the most representative of the Marine Chronometer for root cause, and pilot (Torpilleur) is one of the branches, it has a series of Marine Chronometer a consistent look and feel, but in order to more suiG Shock Replica for urban population to wear, and to make a thin crust of purpose. 2018 SIHH, Athens G Shock Replica will bring pilot he wrist watch, this watch is no longer a Marine chronometer disk design, have no incentive to storage, according to the scale has become a large Arabic numerals, but has a strong style of Military watches. Watch of wrist of 44 mm in diameter, disk with white and black two choices, each set limit to 300, and at 6 o ‘clock position, according to the word mark with red large second dish carved torpedo-boats pattern on the bottom cover, Torpilleur intention is torpedo, torpedo is flexible light small boat, thin and light characteristics of Athens to express the new watch.

G Shock Replica
Hodinkee: although Athens G Shock Replica series leading sailing he watches have 44 mm large size, but only after wearing comfort G Shock Replica, egg white dial and the fluorescent printing of the Arabic numerals, etc., for this watch with some old Military style, at the same time, the dial of the readability is very good. The surface of the surface of the surface is used to replace the conventional satin or polishing process, which is very special. The machine core is the Athens UN-118 automatic chain machine core, using the silicon material anchor type capture system, has the COSC and the Athens watch observatory authentication double authentication, price $7,900.

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