G shock Replica 2018 series of hard hit will come back

With the constant collision of fashion, sports and art design, g shock Replica once again reveals the TOUGH new works with street sense.

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As this year’s hard hit designates the fake g shock watch money, g shock Replica “power wrist crazy blue” series a suit of cool black cape, symbolizing the street sports spirit that is full of strength feeling. Will be blue and red strong contrast color into creative inspiration, blue as the glaciers of rough, deep red, such as the eternal flame burning, such as fire, in the deep, deep and passion together, means heroes confront persistent belief in the streets.

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All 5 models of the series all take red, blue and white as the key of the pointer dial, and adopt the double layer compound band of blue and black color collision, so that the overall color is outstanding and bright. It has the function of anti-shock and anti-magnetic function to deal with the fierce collision of street sports at any time. Excellent waterproof function, can freely spray without any restriction. Countdown and stopwatch function, not only suitable for the timing system of the match, daily endurance training is also very practical.

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Ga-700lt-1a, the symbol of street personality. As a new member of the classic g shock Replica ga-700 series, the ga-700lt-1a watch is filled with street fashion’s bold statement, which condenses the sense of force in the base into the wrist. The whole point is emphasized with calm ice white to make the reading more clear. The unique function of pointer evasion ensures that when the liquid crystal display provides accurate data, it will not be blocked by the pointer, so as to improve the convenience of data reading.

GA- 800lt-1a, crown of the king’s ice. Ice white, sea blue, GA- 800lt-1a dial as if wearing an ice crown, refreshing attention. Double display layout design dial, not only to calendar time at a glance, more dynamic personality. Compared with the other models in the ga-700 series, the watch has a smaller overall watch circle, enhancing its attachment and visibility to the wrist. High brightness double LED automatic lighting, with ideal night vision function, also suitable for street sports at night.

Ga-110lt-1a & ga-100lt-1a, coolwave of different strength is equal. As a new color in the g shock Replica superhuman gas ga-110 series, the ga-110lt-1a incorporates sea blue in pure black. The silver white that dot jumps yao, be like a bucket of ice of hot summer, bring cool and refreshing to vision moment. And the red pointer with strong contrast is very eye-catching, which makes the passion of sunny summer more obvious, and also makes the reading of time easier to recognize. The ga-100lt-1a dial is also designed with layers, which is more restrained and stable than the former. Two different styles are available on the exterior, both of which have various powerful functions such as anti-magnetic waterproof, automatic calendar, accurate to 1/1000 second stopwatch timing, etc.

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Awg-m100slt-1a shows the calm and calm side of street sports compared to the tension of the previous four designs. The simple design of two needles and three eyes clearly shows various functions. The watch with particular emphasis on inner strength, carrying six innings waves received and solar power around the world, but the launch of the signal receiving five different areas, to ensure the school when the precise at the same time, easily solved the problems of life. The auxiliary power indicator function also improves the utility of the watch.

The creation of a new series of g shock Replica “strong wrist crazy blue” is a tribute to the street spirit of TOUGHNESS, and it will become the exclusive wrist of more street sports talents who “surpass themselves and inspire potential”. Believe that sweat and passion, collision and tacit understanding, will shine hard 2018 matches.

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Lt GA – 800-1 a main functions: * shock * 200 meters of waterproof * high brightness LED double automatic lighting function * * second time 3 years battery life a stopwatch * * 1/100 countdown, ringing the hour news * * daily alarm automatic calendar * * pointer to dodge function storage light lt GA – 700-1 a main functions: * shock * 200 meters waterproof battery life * * 5 years high brightness LED lighting (48) * * world time stopwatch (1/100 of a second) * 12/24 hour countdown to * * daily alarm, when the hour report * intermittent rings at * * automatic calendar function pointer to dodge the GA – 110 lt – 1 a main functions: Magnetically * * shock * 200 meters of waterproof automatic LED lighting * * world time (48) * stopwatch (1/1000 of a second) * 12/24 hour countdown to * * daily alarm, when the hour report * intermittent rings at * automatic calendar lt GA – 100-1 a main functions: * shock * magnetically * 200 meters waterproof automatic LED lighting * * world time (48) * stopwatch (1/1000 of a second) * 12/24 hour countdown to * * daily alarm, when the hour report * intermittent rings at * automatic calendar AWG M100SLT – 1 a main functions: * shock * 200 meters waterproof * * six innings waves solar power automatic LED lighting * * world time (48) * 1/100 stopwatch * * countdown alarm, ringing the hour daily newspaper * * power indicator * storage automatic calendar

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