G shock Replica 35 anniversary celebration Tokyo station

After New York and Shanghai, the 35-year-anniversary global shockfest is back in Tokyo, the birthplace. The activity in the famous roppongi Hills in new Arena outdoor plaza, assembled the G SHOCK Replica, dance and movement, in addition to give wonderful performances, more brand from awakening to witness evolution of each milestone.

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On the day of the Japanese music industry super stars gathered in the scene, including rock band ね ご と, KANA – a BOON, overwhelming popular idol singer SKY – HI, from afternoon to night, don’t lose the concert thermal performance, the audience as the sound waves boiling up.

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Various nataraja joined the cast, has been promoting “dance is the world’s common language” EXILE members of Japan’s sight now brother USA, with charming scene teaching, zero distance with the audience interaction, popularity to the scene atmosphere to a climax.

SHIGEKI, a talented 15-year-old hip-hop star, has joined THE international hip-hop champion THE FLOORRIORZ in a spectacular hip-hop performance. The baby-g stars include RUSH BALL, Kanamyw and JURI & JUNA of Japan’s domineering bgirl girls.

The performance of BMX pingping international top athletes, including beishanu, sakai yougui and pinto liang zhan, caused a lot of noise. Street sports like BATTLE are also in full swing, with 3ON3 basketball and skateboarding players lining up to fight for the top spot.
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g shock Replica magnum opus appears, witness tenacity!

Of course, what makes g shock Replica fans most excited is the intimate contact with the watch that has been growing grass for a long time. In addition to the classic, artists show will see the history OF the cooperation signature style, also let a person have a boiling passion number at the beginning OF the machine, the LOVER ‘S COLLECTION, MASTER OF G, as well as those cool to burst experiment model also appeared for the first time!

TOUGHNESS test is also set in the field, and every g shock Replica needs to pass severe tests of vibration resistance and centrifugal force to further verify excellent TOUGHNESS quality.

Initial intention and future, the father of g shock Replica exchange meeting.

The father of g shock Replica, tsuyoshi ibu, also held a communication meeting on the same day, talking with fans face to face about the birth and concept of the brand. Chrysanthemum, in 1983, the department Mr Male someday accidentally send father to watch broke, determined to design a broken watch not easily, attempts to the world after the birth of the first impact resistance the G SHOCK watches, reverse people’s impression is fragile fragile to watch.

From the armor of wristwatches to the armor of racing cars, resilience is the eternal theme. The 35th anniversary of Tokyo station also invited to Paris – Dakar rally superior car “Toyota fj cruiser” together with the G SHOCK and held seminars, two kinds of TOUGHNESS of the collision, the many G – SHOCK fans very excited. The debut of another armored NISMO “MOTUL AUTECH gt-r 23” also received numerous fans and attention.

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