G-shock has launched a high-end watch with the concept of “meteorites and comets

The “g-shock replica “, a high-end wristwatch with GPS features, has been launched with a new look at the universe’s small celestial body.

G shock replica

The surface and the surface of the watch show the rough texture of the small body
The mtg-g1000 is a solar-powered electric wave meter that pursues “tireless and functional beauty” with GPS positioning. Because of the use of stainless steel materials and the “protection core structure” that can mitigate the external shock, the watch is excellent in seismic, centrifugal force and vibration resistance.
The new three watches are a series of themes from the cosmic comet and the “sturdy” small celestial bodies that break through the atmosphere from space to earth.

The mtg-g1000rs-1ajf shows a meteorite in black and red when it breaks through the big atmosphere. The mtg-g1000rs-2ajf USES a pale blue dial to recreate the starry sky under the starry starry sky and the trailing white tail Halley’s comet. The color of mtg-g1000rb-1ajf is the concept of meteorites that reach the earth. At the same time, the surface of the watch ring, dial, and band is processed to imitate the unique rough texture of the small object.

In terms of price, mtg-g1000rs-1ajf and mtg-g1000rs-2ajf are both 200,000 yen, MTG- g1000rb-1ajf is 230,000 yen (excluding consumption tax).

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