Twenty years ago the casio g-shock was a hot topic

A “overly strong watch” has been hotly debated. On facebook, a photograph shows a 20-year-old g shock replica watch found in the yard of a private British residence. Though covered in mud, it was still very precise except for seven minutes. “Is casio’s watch undead?” “, “don’t use it.” Netizens all over the world were praising it in the comments.
According to the Japanese “pursuit” monthly report of September, the extreme energy saving technology, strong and fine workmanship, lightweight, high performance, all are “made in Japan” the ability to look at home.
The company that produced the watch is casio, and when it comes to casio, people immediately think of “g-shock.” The “g-shock” has sold out worldwide, with 7.3 million units shipped in 2014, a record for the record, and is expected to reach 8 million by 2015. The combined net income of the entire casio company will also reach a record 3.3 billion yen, the highest in history. The cumulative shipments of g-shock have reached about 80 million. As the saying goes, no other watch can sell so well in the world.
The “g-shock”, born 32 years ago, is heading towards a new peak as the “top student” in the age of globalization. Why do people of different nationalities and languages want to own and wear such a watch? To unlock the secret of casio’s sales strategy around the world.
Pursuing “ultimate strength”
The “g-shock” was originally popular among young people who loved street culture, 18 years ago in 1997. The boom has also infected Japan and sparked a domestic boom. In the watch industry, which has sold 30,000 copies, the g-shock shipped six million units in 1997. “It was a big hot day, but it was a bad one.” The company’s corporate communications governance division is responsible for the company’s propaganda minister tanaka tanaka.
“Four years later, shipments fell to about a third. Because of the focus on popularity, soon everyone is tired of it.” The atmosphere in the company was heavy after the boom. “Everything from sales to research and development is worrying about what to do. So we went back to the beginning and discussed the core concept of ‘g-shock’.
The final verdict still falls on “solid”. “G-shock” is a hollow structure with strong impact resistance. Originally it was named “gravity”, the first word “g” and “shock”.
“We definitely have a direction: not only to be ‘firm’, but also to pursue ‘alignment’ and ‘never stop’, which is to pursue the ‘ultimate strength’ of the watch.”
So the development team gave g-shock the ability to charge through the radio automatically and through the solar energy, and the solar wave table g-shock began to pursue the “absolute strength” of the watch. Five years have passed since the first wave of “g-shock”.
Promote to young people all over the world
So how to promote a new product that pursues “absolute strength” to the market?
“When the phone was in full swing, young people were not interested in the watch. Even if you advertise, nobody reads it. Only look for ways to promote it completely differently than before.”
Around 2005, the company began to adopt a unique way of publicizing the “g-shock” of celebrities from all over the world. In collaboration with live music, art exhibitions, brand selection, and other famous musicians, athletes and artists from g-shock, we can talk to young people. New customers are exploding right now – the conversation’s young people are becoming buyers. That novelty hit the young man.
“From around 2008, we started using this approach in more than a dozen cities in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. We have a basic mode of activities, called “SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR,” THE first part tells THE story development, demonstration and performance during THE second half by live performances and cocktail party to render mood, atmosphere, show THE charm of ‘THE G SHOCK.”
On the basis of “solid”, it increases young local cultural elements that resonate with young people. The promotion has been a huge success, with shipments soaring around the world.
Who planned this perfect promotion? “We plan our activities ourselves, and we will never pay for the celebrity of g-shock fans.” To develop new fans by truly loving g-shock’s “core” fans, implementing “sales strategies for developing fans” around the world. Rapper eminem, pop diva gaga, famous star neymar… Through the narration of popular actors and artists, the young people’s heart can be struck indirectly.
Evolving genes
The final question is whether the evolution of the popular g-shock has come to an end.
The idea of “breaking bad” is the same as the work of the multinational watch company, west iron city, etc. As far as the watch is concerned, “not bad” is an extreme attribute. This is the unique charm of g-shock. The key to capturing core fans is the ability to constantly create “uniqueness”. But for 32 years, “g-shock” seemed to have everything.
“No, I don’t. “There are many topics,” tanaka said. Even if it’s a little bit of a component, there’s room for new features and there’s room for new designs.
G-shock has evolved genes and the spirit of constantly transcending the self and taking on new challenges. It defines a watch as “adding calculators in seconds,” and transboundary to other industries, and this heresy gene is also an important factor in its success.
Why is the “g-shock” company officially known as “casio computer corporation”? This is a proud emphasis on the origin of corporate philosophy – the constant innovation of “addition”.

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