Casio’s new GPS self-calibration watch keeps you on time

Have you ever been late because your G shock replica watch has slowed down? For the average watch, there seems to be no other way to solve the problem, except for regular calibration time. But casio, a watch maker, wants to keep watch time accurate by combining a variety of technologies.

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In the upcoming new watch, casio will use a named Connected Engine 3 – way time automatic calibration module, although the name is a bit difficult to understand, but in fact principle is not complex, simply is the GPS module, radio module, the Internet phone clock function module of the triad.

With these three modules, the watch can be automatically calibrated at any time and at any time to maintain the accuracy of time. And the Connected Engine 3-way will also be more energy-efficient in terms of energy consumption, for example, the GPS module will save 25 percent of the power and the antenna design will be 20 percent smaller than the previous one. On the basis of the original Connect Engine time calibration module, Connected Engine 3-way also added bluetooth function, able to Connect with the mobile phone and keep the time synchronized.

The first model of the watch will be gpw-2000, the Gravity Master series in casio, which will be released on May 19th. In addition to the time calibration function, gpw-2000 will be designed with pointer design, and the dial will also display positioning position, and join the “flight log” function to synchronize with the g-shock application on the phone. Of course, for such a professional watch, solar power is also necessary, but so many advanced features make the gpw-2000 not cheap and the mobile phone is about 100,000 yen

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