G-shock hall hammer process new work

Hammer the process is a kind of by hand Japanese ancient cultural heritage, early is mainly used in the production of thin and firm exquisite bronzes, each hammer,
every moment is a handicraft between people and bronze a dialogue about art, and
each piece of equipment is the existence of the unique in the world. Casio G –
SHOCK Replica with an eye to the handed down from generation to generation of traditional craftsmanship and the combination of science and technology now, and offers an
innovative will hammer technology into the design of wrist watch, created a beer in
wrist watch “hammer” series. On January 1, 2017, the second generation of “hammer
start” mrg-g1000hg will be sold in limited quantities.

G -  SHOCK Replica

Hammer is unique, because crafts people honed by years of manufacture technique,
fine knock creates a unique bronze surface decorative pattern, the perfect
combination of strength and beauty, always very much. The g-shock “hammer” series
is also true, and every line on the wristwatch is a continuation of the art, which
makes the g-shock high-end wristwatch a kind of luxuriant connotation.
The “hammer” series is handmade by Mr. Shino mifang, and the birth of heart and
sweat is born. Mr Asano, beauty fang is Japan’s third generation of hammer on
technology, master the Kyoto hotel suspension type joss stick in the tower and the
city of Osaka central GongHuiTang roof metal statue of deities, is Mr Asano, known
as representative works, himself a “Japanese” national craftsman “reputation.
By Mr Asano hammered MRG – G1000HG appearance are endowed with artistic charm of
rich historical sense, its are immanent the inherited the G SHOCK watch of wrist of
modern technology and full of sense of science and technology strong SHOCK
structure, able to cope with a variety of harsh environment, satisfy the wearer to
watch a series of daily use requirements. The mrg-g1000hg is equipped with GPS+6
radio dual school system, and solar power system provides strong power support for
multi-function applications. Precise timing, quick convenience, let the business
elite all over the world, quickly grasp the precise time. Mirror mirror USES double
side no reflection artificial sapphire glass, not easy to scratch, read clear. A
unique structure, function, material all the details and with yamagata casio Japan
factory advanced tabulation technology, fusion of traditional artisan
craftsmanship, MR – G series by Japanese manufacturing quality, create advanced
wrist watch.

The second generation of “hammer start” mrg-g1000hg will be available for a limited
sale of 10 pieces in mainland China on jan 1, 2017. Among them, the g-shock STORE
Shanghai 8, casio chengdu taiguri PREMIER STORE 1 block, casio lanzhou wei ya
PREMIER STORE 1. The number of rare things is rare. For collectors of high-end
watches, it’s a must-see.

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