G Shock Replica Watch New record, Sales Reach 100 million pcs

The global cumulative shipment of the tough new range g shock replica is 100
As of September 1, 2017, g-shock has shipped 100 million products! This number is not just a privilege for the tough road, but a new milestone for g-shock, which is about to enter its 35th year. Looking back over the 35 years, each watch has created an unrepeatable fashion classic for every era.

g shock replica

Subvert tradition, tough out
In the 35 years since the first g-shock came out, it has created a culture of its own. And the beginning of everything comes from a simple belief – a watch that will never be broken.
In 1981, CASIO, 28, a staff member of the development department of CASIO, broke his father’s watch while he was taking the gaokao, and was determined to develop the anti-shock function of the watch. With a strong belief in subversive tradition, his test site was the third floor of casio’s then office building, at a height of 10 meters. Finally, in 1983, after more than 200 trials, the g-shockdw-5000c was born!

The father of g-shock
The beginning of the light, drive the tide
In 1984, a TV commercial made g-shock’s strong anti-shock performance in the United States. In the film, ice hockey players hit g-shock dw-5200 like a hockey puck, and the wrist watch still works accurately. For a while, g-shock became a new favorite among outdoor athletes, firefighters and police officers in the United States.
In the 1990s, it came as American street fashion was hot in Japan, which made g-shock, the same street spirit, a popular accessory for Japanese musicians and action stars. The sales of g-shock rose from 10,000 in 1990 to 700,000 in just five years, becoming the first digital digital watch for young people at the time.
Product expansion, multi – cross boundary
After the expansion of the g-shock product line, the first MR -g was launched in 1996, bringing unprecedented impact to the more mature and evolving evolution. The function of g-shock has been continuously strengthened. In 2002, the first time it was equipped with radio and solar energy, gw-300 came out. In 2008, GW-9200 brought precise school radio waves; In 2012, GW-4000 added 3G protection to its wristwatch.
In addition to street fashion, g-shock has also started to interact with music, art, sports, and environmental groups, triggering unprecedented conversations. In 1997, g-shock sold 6 million watches worldwide and became a sponsor of many sports events around the world.

The most hard landmark, the collection of new
Unlike other brands owned by casio, g-shock has its own stores, bringing together the world’s most recent trend, a platform for g-shock fans and fashionistas. Since 2003, the first G – SHOCK STORE odaiba was unveiled in Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, fukuoka, Taiwan, China, and Shanghai and Beijing shops opened one after another, not on cross-border activities regularly, and released the latest list of firsthand information.
The constant pursuit of tenacity, rising altitude and endless challenges have promoted the evolution of g-shock. To date, more than 1000 casio store sales G – SHOCK products, 73 cities held SHOCK THE WORLD, more and more young people because of THE “ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS TOUGHNESS than” spirit and encouraged, become THE most loyal fans.

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