G shock Replica x SANKUANZ is a strong team

From Iceland, to the top team to the United States, to the Paris fashion week of Paris, a concerted effort by G shock Replica X SANKUANZ has inspired countless exclamation marks. Which is not the whole cross-border value, compared with before the promotional video of feeling, the Paris conference exclusive trivia behind the scenes, reveal the trend of “bumped” unprecedented.

The chemical reaction of the idea
The Seine river, the street hipster, just a few shots, discovered the trend and the art has already penetrated every inch of Paris. The G shock Replica X SANKUANZ is creating a new chemistry in the backstage of fashion week in the same space and time.

“G shock Replica represents the spirit of the spirit, while SANKUANZ is the most creative. Therefore, the theme of the transboundary is the concept of “the”. In the same way as g-shcok, he refused to be a banal costume designer, and he thought that the spiritual perfection of the match made this cooperation a perfect match from the beginning, sparking new inspirations from the beginning.
TUNDRA’s name, from TUNDRA camouflage
The industry has used the “high sense of departure” to evaluate his work. Ability to control personality and taste, material selection is the key to the competition. Referring to the design of the new co-operating model TUNDRA, zhe is confident that “camouflage is actually from the TUNDRA landscape, and that is the landscape itself.”

And Iceland’s snowy mountains and tundra, that’s what he’s talking about. It’s a cool idea to put the real landscape of this very cold environment on the wrist, and it’s just the same kind of tough nature that G shock Replica has created for outdoor sports.
The real creation is the coexistence of reality
In a background interview, zhe noted that the most important word about creation was real. “I want to create something that is not virtual, it should be very real, and it will put together a lot of real things that are not co-existing at the same time,” he said.

Therefore, in order to truly present the creative theme and complete the design background and shoot the theme of each part, G shock Replica and SANKUANZ went to Iceland to do the actual filming. Not only that, the team from Amsterdam Random Studio in show limited space, built a full image device, provide visitors with place oneself among them in the form of dynamic “snow mountain” experience, a more intuitive way the design philosophy behind the cooperation.

“Design products are also important, but for us it’s the story behind the product,” says zhe’s attitude to fashion. Therefore, this G shock Replica X SANKUANZ is not only simply to launch a cooperative watch, but also the two forces of the idea, the tidal power and cultural value brought by the collision.

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