SWATCH PAY! Very cool! Very PAY for landing in China

Swatch, the pioneering Swiss watchmaker, is launching Swatch PAY to the media from both domestic and global media at the Swatch peace hotel art center on the bund which same as replica g shock. The second generation of contactless payment systems. This time, SWATCH will again join hands with China unionpay to deepen the partnership and jointly announce the launch of SWATCH PAY in the Chinese market. , and has reached cooperation support with 11 major Chinese Banks. Mr. Nick Hayek, chief executive of SWATCH group, Mr. Chen zhi, vice chairman of China unionpay, and related leaders from various supporting Banks, have jointly demonstrated the SWATCH PAY for the media and guests present. “Very cool” innovation to pay for fun.

New upgraded SWATCH PAY! Not only fully embodies the fun, color and functionality of swatch’s design, but the four types of wristwatches also combine innovation with fashion. The second generation of payment wristwatches adopt a new technology, with China unionpay cloud flash payment solution, which can support unionpay debit CARDS and credit CARDS. Consumers are buying SWATCH PAY! After, need to scan qr code inside the store and download the relevant application, can instantly activate the payment function of wrist watch, the tag (tokenization) process only a few short minutes, wield the wrist can be realized.

Mr Swatch group chief executive Nick Hayek said: “as early as 1993 issued Swatch since Access, the Swatch already are pioneers in the field of touch technology, now PAY into the bank card innovation field is taken for granted. To this end, we are very pleased to be able to launch the Swatch PAY!” since July 27, 2017, the Swatch PAY! It will be available at swatch in 28 Chinese cities. When consumers pay at shopping, they can easily and safely wave their wrist payments as long as they close the payment wristwatch to a POS terminal with the Chinese unionpay “QuickPass” logo. At the same time, to celebrate the upcoming launch, users can enjoy a series of exciting new family courtesy.

Through the in-depth cooperation with China unionpay, SWATCH has pushed the wristband payment system to a new level and has announced support for SWATCH PAY. Bank of China include industrial and commercial bank of China, bank of China, the postal savings bank of China, China citic bank, huaxia bank, minsheng bank, China merchants bank, industrial bank, Shanghai pudong development bank, ping an bank and bank of xi ‘an. In addition, swatch and China unionpay jointly look forward to expanding cooperation in more areas in the future.

Launched innovative Swatch watches was inspired by the American writer Edward Bellamy (Edward Bellamy), in his 1888 novel, imagine a utopian world of using credit CARDS instead of cash. It was first introduced in 2015 as the swatch’s Bellamy payment system, which does not need to be recharged, without network support. Anytime, anywhere, wave your wrist to pay the bill. In this time of race, SWATCH PAY! Right!

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