The father of g-shock watch: I am more conservative and less bullish on the smartwatch market

A head of black hair, a pair of black glasses, round box, a 63 – year – old “father” of the G Shock Replica watch, the chrysanthemum male (Kikuo Ibe) sitting in a temporary exhibition hall, by dozens of s, surrounded by different versions of the G Shock, smile like a child.

In an interview with bloomberg, the chief engineer of casio’s research and development division told the story of the g-shock he spent his life with. Although the G Shock is famous in the world for many years, but in the Fitbit and Apple Watch these “more tide” smart watches, seems to have a lot of weak, chrysanthemum males also inevitably asked the department view of this situation.
“The days are much more difficult than before.” In an interview with bloomberg, Mr. Yi said the tone was still light.

G-shock has been known as a “broken watch”, but its birth has been linked to an accident with a broken watch.
In 1981, his father sent a rather expensive watch to him, but he accidentally broke it when he got it. The more expensive the watch, the more painful it will be, the more it will feel. So, in casio’s work, he decided to make a watch that “survived” in the daily crash, becoming the origin of the g-shock “Shock absorption” design.
In an impromptu exhibition hall for interviews, Mr. Eju took out a prototype of the g-shock in 1982, which he proudly described as having no problems, despite years of appearance.
Since the launch of the first g-shock in 1983, its global boom has barely stopped.
The g-shock has been popular among young people in Europe and the United States, who love street culture, and the boom has also been gaining popularity in Japan, and has been a popular place in China. The watch industry sold 30,000 copies, and g-shock shipped six million units in 1997. Despite years of occasional declines, the g-shock sales myth continues.

, according to data released casio G – shock global shipments of 2014 to 2014, only refresh record, bring casio company net profit of 33 billion yen, the highest in history, the G shock in more than 100 countries accumulative total sales of more than 70 million only.
After 2014, however, the g-shock was a tough one. In 2014, the Apple Watch went on sale, while Fitbit, Jawbone, millet and other wearables started to work, and the smartwatches seemed to be a trend.

In the first quarter of 2017, total shipments of global wearable devices reached 19.7 million units, up 67.2% from 11.8 million in the first quarter of 2015, according to IDC. Among them, Fitbit, xiaomi bracelet and Apple Watch dominate the top three, leaving traditional Watch makers casio, Fossil and Citizen behind.
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Still, Mr. Eju says he’s not ready to go to war with Apple Watch or Fitbit in the smart Watch arena. “Battery life is always a smartwatch, and the screen is too small a problem,” he said. I’m not sure if the market will sustain growth in the future.”
Yi dai-hung prefers g-shock to follow a somewhat “old-fashioned” road – durable, with a mind to meet different social needs in different environments. He preferred to focus on the sensor, making g-shock more accurate water depth, altitude, air pressure, temperature, azimuth and other detection capabilities, and to maintain the impact characteristics.

Than a trendy, networking of electronic products, the department of chrysanthemum male seems to be more satisfied with the G shock hale “tiger balm” image, such as “ye” bell greer, wearing the G shock eat worms, deal with the beast in the program.
“My dream is to develop new products that can adapt to the space environment.” “I think future space travel is something everyone can enjoy, and I hope that g-shock can be part of it,” he admitted.

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