The g-shock wave is overwhelming

Today, the official flagship of casio watch’s flagship store. Announced at the meeting the two sides, casio watch will be there with main G – SHOCK replica and its BABY – G, EDIFICE, SHEEN and so on six big brand, with comprehensive coverage market brand matrix into the jingdong open platform, and the opening of a casio watch official flagship store. As one of the top three watch brands in Japan, casio’s entry will certainly open up new markets in the watch industry and also bring different industries to the two sides.

Field counter map
As early as the late 1970s, casio’s products began arriving in China. For more than 30 years, the brand of casio has been developing steadily and growing. Casio’s watch always adheres to the business philosophy of “creating contribution”, constantly seeking breakthrough innovation in technology, and applying more scientific and technological ideas to the wristwatch. Its flagship brand g-shock is also designed with innovative/earthquake-resistant concepts and powerful functions, which will win the classic irreplaceable status in the minds of hipsters. We believe that with the good reputation of jingdong and the developed self-built network, casio will provide a better experience for consumers and develop an important market channel in China.

Jingdong casio watch flagship store launch ceremony
In order to celebrate the casio watch with combination of jingdong, casio flagship store will present jingdong does not only watch, as well as the hour which itsdifferent limited seconds kill, whole series of surprise offer, to buy a gift, prize forwarding business activities such as, allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of also don’t forget to add fun interactive experience.
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The site of the conference and the on-site purchase meeting
It is worth mentioning that in order to promote a more long-term cooperation in the future, achieve casio and jingdong brand win-win result, casio also for jingdong staff conducted a super surprise in the welfare will buy, buy the friend can be a deeper understanding of the casio watch product ideas and values.
To attend this conference has opened the high-level jingdong group vice President, ms Ding Xia jingdong mall clothing division President, casio (China) trade co., LTD., chairman of the imperial court Mr Macro view, the Beijing music sells information technology co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, Mr Liu Lei jingdong mall clothing division clock business department general manager ms Chen wan, casio (China) trade co., LTD., vice general manager Mr Drums, casio watches (China) trade co., LTD., vice general manager, a watch on the city, Mr Akira, jingdong mall clothing division clock and watch sales manager ms jojo, casio (China) trade co., LTD. Watch division network department minister ms sunny.

Receiving media group visits
Casio (China) trade co., LTD., chairman of the division of macro views, as the nation’s largest proprietary type electric business platform, jingdong has the massive high quality consumer groups, which will provide powerful guarantee sales for casio, jingdong big consumption data will also be casio precision marketing in the Chinese market to provide power. Casio watch will continue to be bold and innovative in the future, strictly adhere to precise and rigorous production, and more excellent products for the customers of
Jingdong group vice President, jingdong mall Ding Xia apparel division President, said: “over the years, jingdong image with good quality goods and developed self-built logistics network, provide a good customer experience for the consumer, to the extreme pursuit of quality to improve customer’s trust and brand cornerstone. At the same time, the cooperation is not only bring the casio one of Japan’s big three clock and watch brand to jingdong platform, but also hope the casio watch on her wrist spirit of science and technology can be widely spread in China, the inspiration for the development of China’s watch industry, through the jingdong platform will casio spirit of science and technology, introduced to Chinese people.”

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Casio’s watch has always been innovated as a development concept, constantly seeking innovation in technology, and applying more innovative ideas to the wristwatch. How can such a bold and bold brand be stuck in a rut?
After the regular ceremony, the casio watches prepared HIP POP and small wheeled performances, and the strong street culture lit up the atmosphere. Break through the shackles of The Times and forge ahead. Beyond the dream, challenge the limit, this is also the brand spirit that casio watch wants to spread.

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